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  • Exclusive to UKUTEL clients with an airtime subscription
    who can access the MTN RSA network.
UKUTEL sim card large
UKUTEL sim card large

Our LTE mobile broadband data is on the way…


SIM processing and handling fees apply – see “terms” below


When will I get my SIM Card?

Based on our provider, the expected shipping of the UKUTEL_SIM cards will commence from the beginning to mid-April 2024. This date may be subject to change due to supplier issues.

  • The expected delivery date is 7 days if you order your sim on or after 7 June 2023
  • The expected delivery date is 15 June 2023 if you pre-order your sim before 7 June 2023

I opted in before 1 October – When do i get my Complimentary airtime?

You will receive your complimentary airtime immediately when you order and paid for your sim.

To access your complimentary data-driven airtime and start making calls, you will need to download the UKUTEL_App and complete the set-up process.

You will require a separate pay-as-you-go airtime bundle to recharge with more airtime when you run out and require more airtime, or your 90 day airtime roll-over period expires.

Is The Data On Contract Or Prepaid?

It’s on Prepaid

The data bundle you choose will auto-renew on a month-to-month basis.
If you agree to continue on a month-to-month basis and pay it conveniently via debit order or settle it via your accumulated profits, the advertised prices above will prevail.

25 ZAR will be added to the package price if you do not agree to settle your data bundle package via debit order, but instead choose to make self-payments (this excludes top-up bundles).

Do I Need to RICA?

Yes – You will be required to upload the necessary documents:

1.) through the UKUTEL softphone app, or

2.) via the Client Portal section on the UKUTEL website, or

3.) submit the necessary documents when the sim is delivered.

Our support desk may take up to 48 hours to approve uploaded documents and activate the sim.

How Long Does The Data Roll Over For?

90 Days from the date of purchase.

Can I cancel anytime?

YesYou can cancel anytime.

To avoid future debit orders and costs related to the debit order, the cancellation should reach us 7 days prior to the debit order date.

Can I Top Up If I Run Out Of Data?

Yes you can top up in intervals of 1 GB via the Client Portal on the UKUTEL_App, or through the UKUTEL website

Can I Top Up Without Having Data myself?

Yes on condition that you access the UKUTEL_App via the UKUTEL_SIM.

NO data is required to browse the Client Portal section through the UKUTEL_App using the UKUTEL_SIM to access the top-up menu.

Note! If you don’t have an UKUTEL_App or UKUTEL_SIM you will be required to have data.

On Which Network Does The UKUTEL_SIM Roam?

MTN – South Africa

Can I Use The Data For Any Purpose?


Can I Port My Existing Number Over To The UKUTEL_SIM?


Do I Need to RICA?

Yes – You will be required to upload the necessary documents through the UKUTEL softphone application, or via the Client Portal section on the UKUTEL website.

Our support desk may take up to 48 hours to approve your documents.

can I make regular GSM airtime calls from my UKUTEL sim as a backup when i don’t have a quality data connection to make data-driven calls through the UKUTEL app instead?

Yes, provided you have GSM airtime.
If you don’t have GSM airtime, then you can buy GSM airtime (same as UKUTEL Cloud Airtime) through the UKUTEL app at normal MTN GSM rates.

I have more questions / need further assistance. What do I do?

  • We have a support desk on standby during normal office hours: Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 16h30 (UTC+2)..
  • You can make a FREE call (no airtime required) from your UKUTEL telephone number via the UKUTEL_App.
  • You may send a support ticket via your Client Portal outside of office hours.

Terms & Conditions

SIM Card

This Agreement will commence when we connect your UKUTEL_SIM Card to our Services and will run until you cancel the product or UKUTEL can no longer fulfill its obligations.

The product term of the UKUTEL_SIM Only products vary with either a month-to-month product or the entire contract amount charged once-off to your account facility and thereafter amortised per the duration of your account facility.

As an UKUTEL client, you will be charged according to your selected data package.

Optional GSM airtime and SMS bundles can be purchased after delivery and activation of the sim from the UKUTEL softphone application or client portal via the UKUTEL website.

If you choose to pay via debit order, an invoice will be raised and your bank account debited on a month-to-month basis on the selected debit date you indicated during the registration process.

Please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account facility. Failing will result in an unpaid penalty fee of R25, and your monthly subscription will not be loaded to your SIM card until payment has been received.

If you choose to pay on an ad-hoc basis, an invoice will be raised when you acquire new mobile data from the UKUTEL softphone application or client portal via the UKUTEL website.

SIM Processing and Handling Fees

A non-refundable and mandatory ONCE-OFF SIM Processing and Handling Fee of 149 ZAR is payable before the selection of a data-bundle package.

Please note that your SIM card will be activated within 24 hours upon acceptance of your delivery, and your data roll-over period will start from the date of activation.

Delivery of SIM Card

UKUTEL will notify the client when the SIM CARD is ready for delivery via SMS.

The client must accept delivery of the sim card in person and provide a copy of his/her ID.

For RICA purposes, full copies of the documentation that we request, including a copy of your ID and proof of address must be provided via the Client Portal, via the UKUTEL_App before the UKUTEL_SIM will be couriered.

If your UKUTEL_SIM Card is lost, stolen, or damaged you must immediately contact the UKUTEL support desk to block the sim card and/or request a replacement sim.

You will be liable for all charges relating to the use of your sim if it has been lost or stolen until the time that you notify us that you have lost the sim or that it has been stolen.

UKUTEL Data Network Services

Unused mobile data rolls over for 3 months from the date of purchase.

The UKUTEL Data network service roams on the MTN-South Africa network.

There may be external factors beyond our control that may affect your access to the network. These may include bad weather, the functionality of your mobile device, the number of network users at the same time, and faults.

UKUTEL cannot be held liable for any losses or damages you suffer during an interruption in network services.

Suspension or Disconnection of Services

UKUTEL may suspend or disconnect Telecommunication Network Services from time to time without notification due to Network maintenance, modification, or upgrading processes.

UKUTEL may also suspend or disconnect your use of the Network Services if you (or anyone who uses your sim card):
·        breach or default on the Terms and Conditions;
·        damage or abuse the Network Services, the Network or put the Network at risk;
·        are suspected of any fraudulent activity, exceed your subscription limit; close your UKUTEL account; do not make use of the UKUTEL-SIM card for a period of 6 (six) months or more; provide information that is false or misleading; for any other reason required by law or if so, directed by any authority; or
·        in the event that UKUTEL (PTY) Ltd. has been advised of the death of the account holder.

If an account goes into arrears any unused data will be locked until payment is received. An unpaid penalty and or reconnection fee may be charged as deemed fit by UKUTEL.

Once payment is received, benefits will be reinstated until you wish to cancel the UKUTEL_SIM/product.

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