Packages / Pricing

To be used exclusively with the UKUTEL_App





(R 150) / once-off

  • ANNUAL renewal fee: $10 (R150)
  • $3 (R45) Airtime
  • Airtime roll-over period: 3 Months
  • Profit share: 3 Tiers
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(R 300) / once-off

  • ANNUAL renewal fee: $10 (R150)
  • $7 (R105) Airtime
  • Airtime roll-over period: 6 Months
  • Profit share: 6 Tiers
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(R 600) / once-off

  • ANNUAL renewal fee: $10 (R150)
  • $20 (R300) Airtime
  • Airtime roll-over period: 12 Months
  • Profit share: 10 Tiers
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Call rates!

Up to 70% less than traditional SIM (GSM) airtime

All calls are billed @ 1 (South African) cent per second to any number, made to the following countries (dial code dependent):

  • South Africa
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Denmark
  • French Guiana
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Norway
  • Peru
  • Puerto Rico
  • Romania
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Venezuela
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Quality of calls

The better the quality of the connection, the better the quality of the call.

Although we have many customers reporting that they are happy with the call quality, it’s not true for some, and this is normal!

Yes, it’s a fact that we only need a stable down-and-upload speed of only 2 Mbps to be able to make or receive good-quality calls via the UKUTEL App. 

But did you know that besides your line speed, there are other factors that can affect the quality of, and ultimately, your experience when using our app?

  • Traffic load on Wi-Fi-Hotspots

If you are on a shared network like a WiFi-hotspot, the voice quality can and will most probably become worse due to heavy traffic load.

  • Latency

Your connection might have a high latency. Latency refers to the weak network condition outside your and our control, as well as the distance between the receiver and sender. If the ping latency is around 20ms or less and your network latency for both down-and-upload speeds is around 150 ms or less, then your call should be clear.

  • Older, outdated mobile phones/hardware

You might be using an older phone with higher frequencies and outdated hardware which can impact quality.

DO A SPEED TEST! You can do a regular speed test over at OOKLA to help you determine if your speeds are OK!

OUR global calling app

UKUTEL app on iPhone
UKUTEL app on iPhone


GSM vs UKUTEL’s data-driven airtime – which is the best?



UKUTEL’s data-driven airtime is virtual airtime which you load onto a softphone application, like the UKUTEL_App.

  • It’s not linked to your SIM – yes, it’s cloud based and we all love the cloud, right?
  • It’s more affordable – check our call_rates
  • Unused airtime rolls over for up to 12 Months (package dependent)
  • Bonus – NO airtime is used when you call other Ukutel numbers

It’s ultimately the best option to use when you DO HAVE a stable WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE internet connection.


GSM airtime is airtime which you load onto your sim and is linked to your SIM telecom provider.
You know what you are paying for, so it’s easy to make the comparison yourself!

It is the better alternative when you DO NOT HAVE a stable WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE internet connection.

How Do I Make A Call?

You are going to need the UKUTEL_App

The UKUTEL_App is a softphone application which seamlessly integrates with your contact list, so you can simply pick a contact from your list or use the keypad to manually select a number to dial.

The UKUTEL_App does not yet recognize all local phone number notation conventions. Therefore, to reach certain destinations it might be necessary to enter the phone number in the international phone number format: ‘+’, followed by the country code, followed by the rest of the phone number without spaces or other symbols.

For example, the USA number +1 (800) 123-4567 should be entered as +18001234567.

This is particularly sensitive to contact list entries stored with an additional international prefix, such as 011 for North America.

There are 2 types of calls you can make:
TYPE 1 | “OFF-NET” CALLS – calls to any local and international mobile or landline number.

1.) Ensure you have a sufficient airtime balance to make a call to your destination – Your airtime balance will show on the top of the keypad section of the UKUTEL_App.
2.) Check that you are connected to the internet and if your connection to the internet is of an appropriate quality.

TYPE 2 | “ON-NET” CALLS – calls to another UKUTEL number (the preferred way).

1.) Check that you are connected to the internet and if your connection to the internet is of appropriate quality – No airtime balance is required to make calls to another UKUTEL number

How do i top up when i run out of airtime?

Step 1: Open the App and click on the small UKUTEL tab icon. Your reseller business and personal summary section will open up.

Step 2: Look for, and click on, the “Recharge” button. Follow the simple instructions.

How long does unused uKUTEL airtime roll over For?

3 Months if you are on the Starter package.
6 Months if you are on the Intermediate (medium) package.
12 Months if you are on the Pro package.

Do I Need An Internet Connection To Make A Call?

UKUTEL airtime is not loaded onto your Sim, but onto the UKUTEL_App itself.

As with all other applications on your mobile device, the UKUTEL_App requires active internet to function and for you to access its features.

Yes, A stable WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE internet connection is required. The better the quality of the connection, the better the quality of the call.

Note that your provider may charge roaming costs for the use of 3G/4G/LTE if you are calling from outside of your country of residence. To avoid additional costs, we recommend connecting to a stable WiFi connection.

Does The Receiver Need An Internet Connection To Receive A Call?

It depends!

If you are calling the receiver on his/her UKUTEL_App number, then the answer is “Yes“, otherwise, “No”.

When I Call Someone From My UKUTEL_App, What Number Will Display On Their Device?

Your current number linked to your inserted sim will display if you port your number over to us, otherwise the UKUTEL number will display if you choose not to port your number. Read more about porting below.

We have a wide selection of South African geographical numbers you can choose from during the registration process.
Our international clients are particularly fond of our mother city “Cape Town” number range starting with +27 021.

UKUTEL will be offering international number ranges in the future and users will be able to swap their numbers out when those become available.

Do I Need Airtime To Receive A Call?

No” – Only a stable WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE internet connection will do – The better the quality of the connection, the better the quality of the call.

Can I Make Emergency Calls?

No“ – Due to the nature of the VoIP system, the UKUTEL_App cannot be used for emergency calls.

Is there a Fee to maintain the UKUTEL telephone number i chose Or number I ported?

YesA nominal fee of $10 (150 ZAR) is required annually on your anniversary date (your registration date).

In this way we secure our low calling rates, while ensuring we keep you and the business operations online.

The fee is normally easily covered by the profit you will be earning when you willingly decide to act as an ambassador and get family and friends to download the UKUTEL_App and purchase a once-off airtime/voice bundle.

Read more about the UKUTEL reseller program and income potential here.

App features

For Communication

  • Call conferencing (up to 12 participants)
  • Call recording (save recordings On- or Offline)
  • Voice mailbox
  • Setup ring groups (catch-all)
  • Load on multiple devices
  • View airtime balance in real-time
  • Top up airtime & mobile data from the app
  • Integrated support tickets

For Reseller Business

  • Integrated reseller business portal to monitor, manage and grow your reseller portfolio
  • Reseller business KPIs
  • Transaction logs (bundle purchases & profits)
  • Manage bundle subscriptions & profile

Click on either Apple App or Google Play stores icons below to register, choose your airtime, or data package, and start reselling in under 10 minutes.

Get a landline (office) number on your phone, or port your existing Telkom number

  • Catch & make calls while on the move.
  • Create ring groups – load the app (and the same number) on multiple devices.
  • No monthly rental fees.
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FREE Calls

No airtime is consumed when clients call each other on their UKUTEL Numbers through the UKUTEL_App.

Possible internet connection charges may still apply.

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Zero Internet Data is required to access your Client Portal when using UKUTEL DATA

It’s convenient when you run out of data and need to recharge or want to visit your client portal.

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Quality Calls

  • The better quality connection you have, the better quality calls you can expect.
  • The UKUTEL_App features the latest codecs to achieve the best voice and video calls possible.
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Wendy Arendse

client & ABD

It just worked from the word go. The call quality is great and doesn’t drain my phone’s battery & I love all the business features included. 💕

Bernard Wiid

client & ABD

I am using my UKUTEL_App with confidence on a daily basis to make all my formal calls, both local and abroad. You can too! 💪

Lucia Gaffley


With the UkuTel softphone app, I am able to make free on-net calls and enjoy low-rated off-net calls. It’s user-friendly and I love it! 😎

Cobus Matthee


I have been using the app for a couple of months now. Super happy with the quality. Thank you for an awesome app!!! 🥳

Get family & friends to try any of our Global Cloud Airtime Packages and earn shared profits…


Earn When someone in your reseller business registers for an airtime package


Earn whenever an existing client in your reseller business tops up with airtime

Recurring Profits

Earn when a client in your reseller business renews his/her UKUTEL mobile number

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